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Do you have only one wish? Stretching out on your towel, half-closed eyes with the sound of the waves soothing you pleasantly? In this case, choose an apartment close to the beach. With Home In La Rochelle, you will get so many choices!

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Our apartments to let next to the beach in La Rochelle

Here are our holiday apartment and flat offers next to La Rochelle beaches, Charente Maritime. My home in La Rochelle offers you also a wide selection of properties such as apartments located by La Rochelle market or other type of accommodation in La Rochelle.

Short stay apartment rentals in La Rochelle beach

Chef de Baie, La Concurrence, les Minimes: here are the 3 beaches that La Rochelle has. Before making your choice, regarding the location of your seaside apartment, here are some important information. Indeed, if Chef de Baie is considered by lots of vacationers to be the most pleasant beach and for good reason - sandy beach, calm and sheltered from the wind - it is important to know that it is rather far from the city center, In the district of Port Neuf near the port of La Pallice. But never mind ! The most courageous and sporting, will not fail to ride a bike to get there in two shakes of a lamb’s tail. For those who prefer to stay not far from the center, the Beach of La Concurrence is ideal. Just a stone's throw from the Towers, not far from the Mail and Parc Charuyer, it is very pleasant at high tide. But be careful, bathing becomes difficult or even impossible at low tide due to the vase unless you decide to put on boots for a game of shore fishing! Finally, the Minimes beach is located near the marina and Parc des Pères. A pretty seaside resort, it offers a multitude of leisure activities with its shops near the beaches, its school of sailing, its terraces and restaurants. It is the largest beach in La Rochelle, very popular in the summer season. Do not wait any longer and come to check out the offers of My Home In La Rochelle which has selected for you the apartments located not far from the beaches at best value for money. So take all your time to choose the sweet home of your holiday. You will not regret it !