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Why you must choose to spend your holidays in La Rochelle? Because this unique city brings together all the ingredients - culture, leisure activities, nature - for a successful stay. A tip: unpack your bags there as soon as possible! Choose an apartment for rent in La Rochelle historical centre.

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Here are our holiday apartment and flat offers in La Rochelle city centre. My Home In La Rochelle offers you also a wide selection of properties such as holiday apartments in La Rochelle and flats in the Minime district.

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And what if you decide to stay in the historical center of La Rochelle? This is a very good idea if you like to travel through time, it is because the center of the city has kept intact, many traces of history. Then drop off your suitcases and follow the guide for a 2 hour walk. To do this, go to the Port, Porte de la Grosse Horloge. Until the XVIIth century, this one allowed two passages: one for the pedestrians and one for the horse and carriage. In 1746, his roof with pepper shakers was destroyed so as to take the aspect that is still his own today. Once you crossed that, you are in the historical center. With its famous archways of more than 400 years installed along the street of the Palais and the street Chaudrier. The ideal place to do some shopping! This will not prevent you from taking a look at the numerous houses with wooden frontages and at the top of Rue Chaudrier, at the Café de la Paix, a famous 19th century café that will become the first permanent cinema of the city. Then head towards rue du Palais where you will discover, not far away, the luxurious Maison Henri II dating from the Renaissance. Note that the accuracy of some of the sculptures on the building deserves attention. Finally, head for the Town Hall and its gothic flamboyant wall, which, surely, will surely impress you. Built between the 15th and 16th centuries, the central building bears the initials of Henry IV and Mary of Medici, and will offer to your view statues representing the four cardinal virtues: Prudence, Justice, Force and Temperance . Make the most of your good visit ! So as to help you choose the apartment of your dreams for your next vacation, My Home In La Rochelle has selected the best. So take all your time to choose the sweet home of your holiday. You will not regret it !