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Do you want to get away ? Without you moving too far away? Just to taste the simple pleasures of a city where life is soft and the atmosphere is lively? So here in La Rochelle you must definitely stop!

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Here are our holiday apartment and flat offers in La Rochelle, Charente Maritime. My home in La Rochelle offers you also a wide selection of properties such as holiday villas in La Rochelle and its surroundings.

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What is so pleasant in La Rochelle? Its historical heritage, of course; Its mild and sunny climate obviously; Its inhabitants, welcoming and jovial certainly; Its festivals and other hustle and bustle undoubtedly; Its market and its specialties each more delicious than the next incontestably. Yes, but still? What is extraordinary, in La Rochelle, is certainly this sweet life. A palpable relaxing atmosphere throughout the city. Forgetting the traffic jams of big cities. In La Rochelle, the bike or the boat have for a long time, for many people , replaced the car. Did you know that the city was the first in France to install municipal self-service bicycles throughout the city since 1976! These are the famous \"Yelo\", obviously yellow, numbering 300 today. In 2014, there are 230 kilometers of cycle tracks, of which 94 kilometers are intramural, which are made available to residents and tourists. You who would hesitate, the bike paths particularly well marked and secured, will convince you! And what could be more enjoyable than cycling the city at your own pace, according to your desires? Especially that with no less than 3,400 seats available, it is the freedom to break off wherever as you think best that is offered to you! Whether you choose one of the districts of the city, My Home In La Rochelle has selected the apartment that you have long dreamed of, at the best value for money. So take all your time to choose the sweet home of your holiday. You will not regret it !