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Come and benefit from the charm of La Rochelle and rent a villa in one of its many neighborhoods. Make the most of a very charming holiday in Charente Maritime!

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Holiday villas to let in La Rochelle

Here are our short term holiday villa rentals in La Rochelle, Charente Maritime. My home in La Rochelle offers you also the possibility to rent some apartments in La Rochelle by the beach or in the city centre.

Rent a villa in La Rochelle for a vacation in Charente Maritime

What if La Rochelle was your next destination? It must be said that with its unique lifestyle, its exceptional architecture, its many hustle and bustle and the kindness of those who animate it, La Rochelle has something to captivate you. With its 4 ports, it is the Atlantic city par excellence. The ocean, which is so majestic, welcomes you, surrounds you with its spray and invites you to the dream. And this light on the white stone at once gentle and radiant! Known as the White City, La Rochelle is illuminated from the first light of the day. It is the English people who, having occupied the city for a long time, would have nicknamed it this way because of the sea, the city is of a brilliant whiteness. And this background contains many wonders in its midst. Superb houses, majestic archways playing hide-and-seek with the rays of the sun ... La Rochelle is decorated of former times while being a modern city, animated at all hours and in all seasons. Whatever period you choose, My Home In La Rochelle offers you all year round, a wide choice of hand pick houses. Once installed, discover it by starting, why not, by the market and its stalls with a thousand colors then direction the Vieux Port for a seafood platter, before continuing with a stroll in the district of the Mail and its Flowing alleys, a dip on the beach of the Concurrence and end the day with a cocktail in the lively Saint Nicolas neighborhood. Whether you choose one of these districts, My Home In La Rochelle has selected the house of your dreams, at the best value for money. So take all your time to choose the sweet home of your holiday. You will not regret it !