Events in My Home In La Rochelle, Charente-Maritime

Here is a city that does not know the rest! Very attractive, festive and lively, the city is suggesting a rich program throughout the year. Day and night, the city is in perpetual motion. And if you are a music lover, then La Rochelle is made for you! at the head of which there is the famous Francofolies festival. It is a festival of essentially francophone songs and francophone music which is turned towards the celebration and also to the discovery, the Francofolies were born thanks to the imagination of Jean Louis Foulquier. The festival takes place every year in July with the aim of making the current song and music known to a wide audience. The Francofolies is about 2,300 artists or groups, 150,000 festival goers on average over 5 to 6 days and 9 scenes spread out in the heart of the city!

But the Francofolies is not the only festival of La Rochelle which also counts in the middle of the summer: Jazz In August, La Rochelle Dixie Jazz ... and in May, Jazz between the Two Towers. In short, La Rochelle is the city of all music lovers, with exceptional places - La Sirène, La Coursive and the Salle de l'Oratoire - to host this type of event.

Finally, La Rochelle is famous for several festive events to which it serves as a setting, among others: the Grand Pavois, international nautical fair that takes place every September in the same way as the Expo Fair, but also the Salon of Art June, Wine in March, Real Estate in February, Youth Book in May, Gastronomy in October, Salon Atlantica in October, Salon des Antiquaires in November ...

And of course, the festivities of July 14, the festival of music, the theater festival ... La Rochelle has not finished to please you and offers many possibilities during your La Rochelle holidays.